We capture opportunities in global trends

Based on the cutting-edge professional knowledge, tradition and expertise
in relative fields, we provide the distinctive well-quality service to customers.

TPI INTERNATIONAL is making its way forward to become the Top Globally Integrated Corporation as the global business leader of TPI GROUP.

At TPI, we believe in building trust and expressing loyalty. Our customers trust us because we’ve earned it over time. In turn, we express our loyalty through contributions to society. Trust and loyalty are in the DNA of every employee, motivating us to build for the good of all, amid constant changes and despite them. As a company, our never-ending goal is to improve the lives of everyone we touch. We seek to raise the standards of living and improve the quality of life. We know this is easily said but difficult to attain. And yet, if we persevere, continue to innovate, and build for a better tomorrow, the future is ours to imagine.

Let us not forget how we’ve come so far because it is with this same determination, we must move forward. Despite the rising competition in the Fourth Industrial era, we must continue to innovate and maintain stable growth, just as we have in the past three years. We’re achieving greater sustainable growth and strengthening our competitive advantages in our core businesses: medical & healthcare, engineering, defense manufacturing, energy and financial services. We’re making a difference.




Specializing in overseas business diversification and overseas business consulting

1) Transition of TPI INTERNATIONAL Corporation Name in July 2022
2) Diversifying business through defense & IT, energy, beauty, resource development, overseas business investment and consulting
3) Anti-Drone Anti-Drone: Promoting Overseas Business

2018 ~ 2021

Equipments business related to preventing infectious diseases

- Automated BVM Ventilator : O2L product brand development
- Hand disinfection automatic device 'TOUCH CLEAN' and 'ONE-SHOT CLEAN' supply


Diversifying Overseas Business

1) Changed corporate title to THE N INTER in Dec . 2017
2) Exclusive supply contract with Mark Impact, Mongolia's No. 1 livestock product company, to sell Mongolian livestock products globally


TPI’ Association Agreement

The Association of Latin America and the Caribbean
World Economy Culture & Sports Exchange Association
Korea Halal Association

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TPI International Co., Ltd.
9F, Dosan-daero 165, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

TPI International Co., Ltd.  I주I티피아이인터내셔널
9F, Dosan-daero 165, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
서울시 강남구 도산대로 165 9층

TEL : +82 2 6949 1303
FAX : +82 2 515 1304
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