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Energy Storage System (ESS) is a system that stores and manages energy that is difficult to store and disappears after use so that it can be efficiently used. It can be used in power plants, power transmission facilities, homes, factories, and businesses, and can be used as backup power to reduce electricity bills or minimize power outages by increasing the efficiency of renewable energy.

ESS stores the remaining power and uses it during periods of high demand or high electricity bills to minimize power outages and save on power bills. In addition, power plants store and manage renewable energy that is irregularly produced such as solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power to increase the efficiency of using renewable energy.

Lamination & Stacking technology enables high energy density and miniaturization, and maintains a stable structure despite frequent charging and discharging, resulting in a longer life than its competitors.


Pouch batteries with differentiated solutions, performance and safety in electric vehicle batteries, including cells, modules, battery management systems (BMS), packs, and technical support, are leading the global electric vehicle market.

In addition, we are building a portfolio that is differentiated from our competitors by introducing a variety of products such as 'long-cell' batteries that maximize energy density and increase electric vehicle mileage.

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