Provides Total Defense & IT Solutions to customers based on trust.

TPI INTERNATIONAL DEFENSE is expanding its business territory beyond the country to the global market with superior technology and reliable quality.

We are expanding our global business territory as a Total Defense & IT Solution company, offering new standards for the world's recognized defense industry, from Anti-Drone System to Dog Robot and Demining, which can defend drones that are a hot topic among countries. By securing the best technology and further strengthening our product competitiveness, we are firmly establishing our position as a sustainable and globally competitive company. TPI, who has been leading the Korean defense industry, will become a global defense industry leader who provides a total defense solution based on trust through continuous investment and research and development.


It has the world's leading technology in anti-drone detection radar. It has unique technology than other competitors' rarer and has price competitiveness as it can effectively cover a wider area at a 20% to 30% lower price when actually quoted.


Mine removal devices that can be installed in existing excavators. It effectively selects anti-personnel mines with powerful sieve bucket vibrations, while effectively protecting excavators and drivers by applying its own shock-reducing technology and installing anti-scattering covers.

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