Multiple Sectors, Global Operations!

TPI INTERNATIONAL was launched as an independent corporation whose main business is international trade, infrastructure development and operation, and resource development. In 2022, it has changed its name to TPI International, a subsidiary of TPI Group, and is preparing for a leap forward.

Using overseas networks distributed around the world, TPI International builds value chains in various business groups such as defense, electric motorcycles, monorails, steel, energy, food, chemicals, parts materials, and infrastructure to discover sustainable business models. Through this, we are moving beyond the realm of traditional trading partners to become a 'global comprehensive business company' that operates directly in the entire major business process.


TPI is expanding its global business territory as a Total Defense & IT Solution company, offering new standards for the global defense industry, such as Dog Robot and Demining, focusing on Anti-Drone System, which is used as an important tool for national safety.


In line with COVID-19, TPI is growing into a global company that considers not only human health but also beauty by developing and discovering products that can be responsible for the future.


TPI is developing electric mobility with differentiated performance to cope with rapidly changing market conditions, aiming to dominate the global market for boundary transportation, and making it a new opportunity as a global market leader through convergence in various industries.


TPI leads the ESS market by securing customers for various ESS applications such as power grid/commercial/housing/UPS based on its excellent technology and mass production capabilities. In addition, we are introducing products that maximize customer convenience by developing products for high energy/high power grids and various products that reflect the needs of each target.


TPI is the only company that can supply all parts for all models of domestic brand automobiles (Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong, Chevrolet (Daewoo), and Renault Samsung), and repairs and supplies parts of discontinued models in connection with domestic antiquities. In addition, we are expanding our business area with reinforcing materials for electric poles.


In addition to steel and copper, TPI provides business solutions such as global trading, logistics services, and supply chain development, focusing on materials, parts, and equipment items used in the growth industry.

TPI International Co., Ltd.  I주I티피아이인터내셔널
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